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Susie Y. Dai, Ph.D.
Susie Y. Dai, Ph.D.
Associate Director

The Environmental Health Division routinely monitors private and public drinking water, private wells, streams and lakes, wastewater, air, soil and food for contaminants of potential environmental and public health concern. It also responds to environmental and man-made emergencies such as compromised water supplies due to chemical spills and flooding with testing needed to protect public health. Services include testing samples submitted by the general public, local health departments and state agencies.

  • Radiochemistry validated a method for the analysis of catfish for radiostrontium as part of the joint USDA-FDA Food Emergency Response Network.
  • The first full year of data collection from the Global Lakes Ecological Observation Network buoy on West Okoboji Lake was completed.
  • The Ambient Air Quality section interactive display traveled aboard the UI Mobile Museum more than 9,000 miles across Iowa to 90 events, attracting about 36,000 visitors in 39 counties and 57 towns.
  • In conducting approximately 75 bioassessments of water throughout the state, staff members collected samples of water, fish and benthic macroinvertebrates, and performed a comprehensive physical habitat assessment.
  • Through eight drills five drills at Duane Arnold Energy Center in Palo, Iowa, and three at Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Station in Nebraska the laboratory maintained its readiness for emergency response to radiological events.

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