LISA RATHJEN: lisa-rathjen@uiowa.edu

The Grants-to-Counties program added arsenic testing for water from private wells and announced the additions to clients through an awareness campaign consisting of webinars, promotional materials, conferences and meetings with county environmental health departments.

The Client Outreach section carries out the Hygienic Laboratory’s service, education and research mission by increasing understanding and use of the state’s public health and environmental laboratory system. Strategic planning, process improvement, market research and analysis, and customer feedback are key parts of the section.

The Client Outreach program manager is the liaison between the laboratory and its clients.


  • Evaluated Customer Relationship Management software products designed to optimize customer engagement and build customer relationships and retention.

  • Completed the 143-page update and distribution of Iowa DNR Guidebook 2016.

  • Hosted exhibitor tables at the NEHA/IEHA Fall Conference, the Iowa’s Governor Conference on Public Health, the fall and spring CLMA meetings, and other medical, public health and environmental health meetings in Iowa.

  • Presented an internal, two-week phone call tracking study designed by a Hygienic Laboratory Strategic Planning Customer Workgroup that collected customer feedback from 1,200 phone calls handled by 80 staff members in the three lab divisions.

  • Implemented an online evaluation of the newly designed environmental and clinical final report as a member of the OpenELIS Final Report Redesign Subcommittee.

Other Units in Administration and Finance

The Office of the Director consists of 10 key functional units that enable the State Hygienic Laboratory to achieve its statutory charge set forth in the Iowa Administrative Code.

The primary mission of the Disease Control Division is to test human specimens, food and water for diseases of public health significance to protect the citizens of Iowa.

The Environmental Health Division monitors drinking water, wastewater, air, soil and food for contaminants of potential environmental and public health concern.

The Division of Administration and Finance is responsible for the management of the business practices, all Hygienic Laboratory facilities, and pre/post testing support.