KEVIN SINGLEMAN: kevin-singleman@uiowa.edu

Central Services processed 2,577 clinical order requests and 13,353 environmental order requests. This resulted in 9,037 UPS shipments and 34,753 pieces of mail managed by the section.

Central Services, located in Coralville and Ankeny, creates and distributes analytical test collection kits to clients throughout Iowa and other states. These kits are vital for the testing the lab performs. Staff also process incoming and outgoing packages and correspondence.

The section provides support for the entire laboratory by purchasing, tracking and distributing supplies necessary for laboratory testing. Team members are certified in Hazmat shipping requirements for select packages, and specially trained personnel perform necropsy work to assist with rabies testing.

Central Services also is responsible for scheduling the University of Iowa Fleet Service leased vehicles used by staff. Staff travel approximately 150,000 miles per year to perform the Hygienic Laboratory’s mission.

Other Units in Administration and Finance

The Office of the Director consists of 10 key functional units that enable the State Hygienic Laboratory to achieve its statutory charge set forth in the Iowa Administrative Code.

The primary mission of the Disease Control Division is to test human specimens, food and water for diseases of public health significance to protect the citizens of Iowa.

The Environmental Health Division monitors drinking water, wastewater, air, soil and food for contaminants of potential environmental and public health concern.

The Division of Administration and Finance is responsible for the management of the business practices, all Hygienic Laboratory facilities, and pre/post testing support.