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Sarah Dricken
Sarah Dricken
Associate Director

The Division of Administration and Finance is responsible for the management of the business practices (Financial Management, Grants and Contracts, Outreach, and Safety and Security), all Hygienic Laboratory facilities (including the Center for the Advancement of Laboratory Sciences), and the pre- and post-analytic processes related to laboratory testing (Central Services, Client Services, and Central Accessioning and Receiving). It also oversees multiple education, training and STEM programs presented at or sponsored by the Hygienic Laboratory.

Business management for the laboratory is centralized in the Coralville laboratory. Staff that oversee the pre- and post- analytical processes are located in the Coralville, Ankeny and Milford laboratories.

  • Moved billing for environmental and disease testing to a new accounting system that replaced a legacy in-house system.
  • Processed 34,753 pieces of mail and 9,037 UPS shipments to fulfil clinical and environmental order requests.
  • Completed the 143-page update and distribution of Iowa DNR Guidebook 2016.
  • Implemented an online evaluation of the newly designed environmental and clinical final report as a member of the OpenELIS (Enterprise Laboratory Information System) Final Report Redesign Subcommittee.
  • Developed an in-house customer service training program.

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