The Office of Public Policy strives to provide objective, timely information regarding issues concerning the advancement of the State Hygienic Laboratory’s mission. The goal of the office is to foster and maintain relationships with government agencies, elected officials and key stakeholders to promote shared understanding and advancement of public health in Iowa.

The office tracks legislation related to Iowa’s public health system; provides educational materials to Iowa policymakers through open forums and Hill Day events; and interfaces with state educational professionals, and environment and public health partners.


  • Updated policymakers, state leaders and public health partners about the impact of work by Iowa’s public health laboratory during several Hill Day events at the state capitol.

  • Led and supported initiatives aimed at developing new and existing policy.


The Office of Strategic Communications serves as the lead communications section for the agency and develops the focus and themes for external messaging. It tells the State Hygienic Laboratory story through collateral material design, website management, original articles and social media.

Strategic Communications works with state and national media, educators and public health partners to share the news of Iowa’s state public health laboratory. It provides crisis communications during environmental and public health emergencies by managing clear and open communication.


  • Worked with local, state and national media to highlight the work of the State Hygienic Laboratory on more than 25 public health topics.

  • Established an ongoing analytics review to measure interaction with website.

Other units in the Office of the Director