SHERRI MARINE: sherri-marine@uiowa.edu

A new training program rolled out to give perspective on customer relations and interactions.

The Client Services section consists of support services that relate to customer service. The 26 staff members work in the areas of data entry, customer service contact and, in Ankeny, Central Services.

Client Services also includes Central Accessioning— receives and processes clinical and environmental samples; Glassware Wash – cleans and sterilizes glass equipment; and Media Prep – prepares the sterile material used to help identify bacteria and viruses. This section also completes data entry for clinical and environmental samples that are delivered by clients.

Client Services oversees kit orders and results for Iowa DNR projects that occur from spring to fall to ensure supplies and support are provided.


  • Developed an in-house customer service training program.

  • Contributed to the Grants to Counties program, which provides testing to private well owners through local departments of public health.

  • Represented the Hygienic Laboratory in the Iowa Environmental Health Association, Iowa Public Health Association and American Water Works Association.


CHRIS ANDERSON: christine-m-anderson@uiowa.edu
PAMELA LENZ: pamela-lenz@uiowa.edu

Each year, Financial Management processes more than 18,000 invoices.

The finance section is responsible for the management of the $24 million State Hygienic Laboratory operation, including overseeing revenues and expenses to accomplish the objectives of the laboratory. This accounting, billing, purchasing, financial analysis, and revenue- and expense-stream management section of the laboratory provides financial transaction support for more than 4,000 clients and distributes more than 18,000 invoices per year.


  • Completed major development design on StrataJazz Management Reporting and Decision Support System.

  • Utilized Strata Decision software for the FY17 operational budget.

  • Moved billing for environmental and disease testing to a new accounting system that replaced a legacy in-house system.

  • Processed more than 80 forms related to sponsored projects for local, state and federal funding agencies.

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