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The State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa performs nearly 600,000 clinical and environmental tests that help protect human health and preserve the environment of our state. Select the type of kit or quote below and complete the online form to initiate testing. We will mail you the bottles, collection instructions, and paperwork required to submit your specimens.

  • Order Clinical Kits
  • Order Environmental Kits
  • Order Newborn Screening Supplies
  • Price Quote for Environmental Services
  • Environmental Sample Collection, Handling, and Preservation Requirements
  • Maternal Screening Collection and Shipping Instructions and Test Ordering Comparison

  • Refer to the Clinical Specimen Kits Reference Guide or the Environmental Sampling Kit Reference Guide for information about kit contents.

    Collection instructions, test request forms, CPT codes, fees and specimen requirements may be found on the Clinical Test menu. Refer to the Environmental Test menu and Environmental Analyte menus for test names, methods, sample types and analytes available for environmental testing.

    Contact SHL Client Services by calling 319-335-4500 or 1-800-421-IOWA (4692) or use our Contact page for specific testing questions.

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