About the SHL


About the SHL


The State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa protects and improves quality of life by providing reliable environmental and public health information through the collective knowledge and capabilities of our organization.


Our vision is for Iowa to be a national leader in improving and sustaining quality of life through innovation, practice, and policy.


  • Agility to respond to a continually changing environment.
  • Customer-driven Service through the assurance of methods and processes to meet current and future needs.
  • Quality role model, by sustaining high standards of testing and challenging our processes for continual improvement.
  • Transparency of decision-making through communication, open exchange, honesty and trust.
  • Communications commitment to an open and free exchange of information that encourages participation and fosters a better understanding of the Laboratory’s mission. Inherent to this core value is the recognition of the right to be listened to and heard, regardless of the individual’s point of view.
  • Professionalism through polite and courteous interactions with people, respectful conduct, exhibiting a standard of excellence through integrity, leadership and trustworthiness.
  • Growth through internal and external personal and professional development and improvement.
  • Accountability by providing information in a timely manner, assuring fiscal responsibility, practicing stewardship, honoring our commitments, and preserving our resources.
  • Inquiry that leads to improved knowledge, innovation and discover.

  • Beliefs