Test Results


Test Results

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State Hygienic Laboratory web portal accounts can only be created for individual staff members of organizations that send testing directly to SHL. SHL does not create shared accounts. Every organization that uses web portal reporting and test ordering should have multiple user accounts in the case of staff absences.

SHL web portal accounts are not for patients. Patients need to obtain their test results from their medical facility/provider. Test Iowa patients will receive their test results from the Test Iowa program.

If you already have an SHL Web Portal account and cannot login or have already applied for an account and have not received your account information, please call 319/335-4358 or email shl-webportalsupport@uiowa.edu. Do not complete a new web portal application.

Questions about SHL's web portals may be directed to shl-webportalsupport@uiowa.edu or to 319/335-4358.

OpenELIS Web Portal

The Open Enterprise Laboratory Information System (OpenELIS) Web Portal contains environmental, safe drinking water, clinical, rabies, and maternal screen test results. It can also be used to electronically order Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Influenza tests.

Neonatal Screening Web Portal

The Neonatal Screening Web Portal contains newborn screening test results.

Lifepoint Web Portal

The Lifepoint Web Portal can be used to electronically order and retrieve results for clinical tests.


This legacy web portal can be used to retrieve test results for clinical samples received prior to March 1, 2015, rabies samples received prior to Nov. 1, 2016, and maternal screen samples received prior to June 20, 2017.


This legacy web portal can be used to retrieve test results for safe drinking water samples received prior to September 7, 2011 and environmental samples received prior to January 1, 2012.


Industrial Hygiene clients: Some methods may be subcontracted to a qualified laboratory. To see subcontract labs’ accreditation and scope, please click below: