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Frequently Asked Questions

The State Hygienic Laboratory (SHL) is implementing and seeking approval by the U.S. EPA to perform EPA-developed test methods for the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 4 (UCMR 4) program.

Those methods include:

In accordance with EPA’s schedule, the SHL will have the approval in place well before UCMR 4 sampling is required. The sampling program is scheduled to begin in January 2018 and end in December 2020. The SHL will automatically upload all UCMR data directly into the EPA CDX SDWARS in accordance with EPA requirements. A copy of the testing results report will be provided to each client.

SHL also provides:

All large Public Water Supplies (PWS) serving 10,000 or more people are required to participate. EPA will also randomly select 800 small PWSs (serving <10,000 people) to participate and will pay the costs associated with monitoring at small systems.

Read more about the UCMR 4 program and testing requirements at the EPA webpage: