Analytical Chemistry


Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry


Jessica Elliott

Environmental Laboratory Supervisor
(515) 725-1600

Brian Wels
Environmental Lab Scientist
(515) 725-1603

Inorganic Chemistry studies inorganic elements in the environment, including minerals and metals.

The Hygienic Laboratory's Ankeny inorganic chemistry lab can detect inorganic elements in air, groundwater, drinking water, surface water, soil, wastewater and sludge. Our Coralville lab tests groundwater, surface water and wastewater for biochemical oxygen demand, and supports the Ankeny lab for processing samples with short holding times (within 48 hours of collection). This includes determining the presence and levels of orthophosphate, pH, nitrite, oil and grease in specimens.

Samples from public and private water systems are analyzed for levels of nitrate, nitrite, total coliform and E.coli bacteria. Tests determine the presence of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead and many other metals in the environment. Lead testing is conducted on blood specimens from children and adults throughout the state, as well as dust, paint, soil, pottery and food products to help identify sources of lead exposure.

Last updated July 6, 2015