Analytical Chemistry


HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography

HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography


Sarah May

Environmental Laboratory Supervisor
(319) 335-4237

Pesticide Testing for Glyphosate and Carbamates

Our laboratory can test water samples for the presence of the pesticide Glyphosate using EPA method 547. Soil and foliage can also be tested for Glyphosate using a method that was developed by our laboratory. Glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicides with applications in agriculture, forestry, industrial weed control, lawn, garden, and aquatic environments.

The Hygienic Laboratory uses EPA method 531.1 to determine the presence of carbamate insecticides in water.

The list of carbamates in water that the Hygienic Laboratory can determine is:

Contact Client Services to set up an order, to order sample containers or request sample collection forms. For questions about the testing, contact Sarah May or Dr. John Vargo at the laboratory.

Last updated May 22, 2017