Do you work in a sentinel lab?


Do you work in a sentinel lab?

If you spend your days in a clinical lab, the answer is "Yes."

According to the Joint Leadership Council of the Laboratory Response Network (LRN), any facility that is “capable of analyzing or referring specimens that may contain microbial agents or biological toxins, functions as a sentinel laboratory.

As Iowa's LRN Reference Laboratory, the Hygienic Laboratory has identified all of the state's 129 sentinel labs. According to LRN guidelines, the Hygienic Laboratory provides training and exercises to each sentinel lab, relating to emergency preparedness and response.

The information provided here will cover a variety of microbiology topics, not just those associated with the potential agents of bioterrorism.

We will also continue to interact with you through the Iowa Laboratory Response Network. If you are you are not a member of the ILRN but would like to join, send an email by clicking here. Please indicate "ILRN request" somewhere in your email.