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CDC issues Zika virus guidanceCDC issues Zika virus guidance
CDC recently released two interim guidelines for health care providers concerning potential Zika virus infections. The first guideline deals with caring for pregnant women during a Zika virus outbreak. The second guideline addresses the evaluation and testing of infants with possible congenital Zika virus infection.

Zika cases spur CDC travel alerts Zika cases spur CDC travel alerts
The CDC on Jan. 26 increased to 24 the number of countries that are on its traveler alert list because of ongoing transmission of the Zika virus. There currently are no confirmed cases in Iowa.

Contaminants in water and food is mentorship focusContaminants in water and food is mentorship focus
Leaching of Bisphenol A in canned foods, contaminants in tap water and ground water, and the effectiveness of water purification and filtration systems are the focus of four Student Mentorship projects announced by the Hygienic Laboratory this month. The Student Mentorship Program matches students with laboratory staff who provide guidance and testing for science projects that have a laboratory testing component.