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Numerical Data in csv format

This is raw data. It has not been validated and may contain errors
  1. The data is obtained from automated, continuous instruments; no human has reviewed or checked the accuracy of this data.
  2. The data has been subject to only preliminary automated quality assurance procedures.
  3. Special conditions such as power outages, equipment malfunction, instrument repair and calibration can produce data that is invalid.
  4. This data is made available for the purpose of public awareness and should not be used in any medical or other scientific study.
  5. Quality assured data is available from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources one to two months after the sampling date.
  6. PM-10, SO2, NO2, H2S and O3 concentrations are calculated using standard temperature and pressure (25 degrees C and 760 mmHg).
  7. PM-2.5 concentrations are calculated using local (actual) temperature and pressure and may include a seasonal adjustment factor.